Ing. Svatopluk Bernard
Land surveyor

geodezie, geodetické práce, geodetické plány geometrický plán, zeměměřič, geodetické zaměření pozemku a stavby, katastr nemovitostí


While enjoying yourself you are not looking for limits.

As a geodesist – land surveyor, I can offer you a complex service from my profession. I always try to hand in products of high quality in accordance with your wishes and demands. An important part of my work is to work as fast as you need. I try to satisfy even the clients who were behind time yesterday.


Ing. Svatopluk Bernard
U Trojice 21
370 04 Ceske Budejovice 4
The Czech Republic

Lidicka 11/124
370 86 Ceske Budejovice


e-mail: (

mobile: +420 605 118 385

icq: 208397914

Reg.Nr.: 72150777

contact for Great Britain
and Ireland:

Ing. Pavel Skala
0044(0)7772 104 497

Who am I?

I am a land-surveyor who loves his profession.

For me, geodesy is closely associated with cartography, geoinformatics systems (GIS), photogrammetry and Remote sensing. Occassionally, I teach at The Department of Land Adaptation, South-Bohemian University, Ceske Budejovice.

I am fascinated with the continuity of geodesy, which has accompanied us through the centuries and despite that it intervenes in our lives more and more each day – for example through the satelites high in the sky.

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