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Ing. Svatopluk Bernard
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At this website (COSMC) you can find step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with the operations at the Cadastre of Real Estates, which have to be done by yourselves (only in Czech). Here you can also find the required blanks.

All the blanks on this page are in RTF format, which are readable in all text editors (MS Word, Write, Writer…)

The most usual operations at the Cadastre of Real Estates are:


The contribution is the operation of the Cadastral Office, which leads to constitution, change, or extinction of the rights to the real estates. The proceedings are instituted on the proposal of one of the partakers. The proposal is a request for the rights contribution to the real estate.

Entry of the rights

Under the entry, the rights to the real estates which constitute, change or extinct according to the law, by the decision of state agency, by knocking of the auctioneer in the public sale or in accordance to the legal operations, are written down in the Cadastre of Real Estates.

In a specialized section of COSMC website you can find out how the Cadastral Office recommends to proceed in Cadastre of Real Estates operations (opens in a new window, only in Czech).

For these operations you will need some of the following application or declaration blanks (all in Czech):

and blanks

If you did not find the necessary blanks on this page, they are likely to be in the COSMC blanks archive.

Operations performed electronically are free of charge (to the extent of 2000 CZK).

Extracts of the Cadastre of Real Estates can be obtained at the post-office or some Local Authority offices.